Beacons have been getting a lot of press lately about how they are going to transform retail, but iBeacons are much more than that.  You can use them for a bunch of cool stuff with your iPhone, your Mac, and a couple of iBeacons.  First, a bit of background. iBeacons are Bluetooth devices that broadcast to your iPhone or iPad to let them know the beacons are nearby.
Here are 10 awesome things you can do right now using iBeacons. All of these work with any iBeacon, but they work great with our Bleu Station iBeacons.  Here they are:
  • “Auto-Lock and walk” your Mac
  • Flip iChat Status to “Out” when stepping away
  • Send a notification as you arrive
  • Create your own “club card” with passbook
  • Remotely snap a webcam photo and email it to yourself
  • Light turn on when you arrive
  • Post to group chat  as staff enter or leave the building
  • Make a dramatic entrance as “Eye of the Tiger” starts playing when you walk in.
  • Keep a log of when you enter and leave your car in google docs
  • Post a message to Twitter when near a beacon
Most of these tips make heavy use of Geohopper for iOS, since it is a great general purpose tool for making things happen when you are near an iBeacon. Geohopper for iOS can be downloaded for free from the App Store. The web services are available as in-app purchases.  Initial setup of Geohopper requires email registration and configuration to add your iBeacons to the list of regions. Setup is easy and in a few minutes you’ll be ready to start using iBeacon triggers.
Geohopper for Mac is the sibling of Geohopper for iOS and, as the name states, runs on your Mac. Geohopper for Mac harnesses the capabilities of your Mac for proximity detection and is available on the App Store for just a few dollars.

Source: twocanoes