"When creating real world, non-digital advertisements, you can pretty much guarantee that when the viewer sees them, they will have their mobile with them. This is becoming more and more true in developing nations too, as mobile penetration rises.

The tricky part is the link. There are many ways to link offline and mobile marketing, driving users to enter details, share, buy and engage digitally, but how many of them work well? We spoke to a number of industry professionals to find out which methods of bridging the gap they see as being the most effective. As always, please do comment below if you have any input.

Matthew Davis from Stepleader
“Beacons, the little Bluetooth devices that retailers have fallen in love with, hold promise for bridging the physical and digital marketing divide. By placing beacons in retail locations, marketers will be able to verify when an app-using customer walks through the door. With the right tools, they see attribution between mobile campaigns and in-store visits.”
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