"Today, Purple Forge Corp, a provider of community engagement and self service solutions to governments and enterprise organizations, announced it has become a Watson Ecosystem Partner.
Purple Forge’s Powered by IBM Watson solution leverages Watson QA and natural language processing capabilities in order to allow users to ask questions and receive evidence-based answers using a website, smartphone or wearable devices such as the Apple Watch, without having to wait for a call agent or a reply to an email.
The City of Surrey in British Columbia will be the first public sector organization to pilot the Purple Forge Powered by IBM Watson solution. The solution will be offered to city residents as part of the ‘My Surrey’ mobile and web apps that citizens currently use to obtain information for a wide range of government services such as recycling schedule, job opportunities, and recreational activities.
“IBM Watson’s learning abilities are such that the technology builds its knowledge and improves as citizens use it, much in the same way humans learn,” said Councillor Bruce Hayne, Chair of Innovation & Investment Committee. “This pilot is expected to enhance customer experience by increasing the accessibility of services, while providing City with insight into opportunities for improvement and reduction to service delivery costs.”"

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